The Truth About Alcoholics Anonymous

This is an ongoing blog about the failing programs that most American treatment centers are based on. My goal is to simply raise questions about how treatments and self-help programs operate—particularly the 12-Step program—and whether commonly used treatments for addiction are effective. The addicts and alcoholics deserve to know the truth about the treatment they are getting. With information from books and the internet, I will show you the Truth.

I started growing a strong disliking for, at first the AA people, but I realized it wasn’t there fault. It was the age-old nonsense they were being fed. I started to find people who had felt the same way. We found several books that had all the answers to the questions we had concerning some contradictions we discovered.
They claim and swear that it is, but, AA is NOT the only way of obtaining sobriety. This blog will share all the different things we have found about the horrible science behind AA, as well as the corrupt rehab industry.
If AA works for you, that’s fine, I have tried it, completed the steps, and worked steps 10-12 daily—even had two sponsees. But I was not living a happy life. I was sober and working the steps, but couldn’t find happiness.
Here, I just want to reveal some truths about the program. So please follow and read along.

Thank you.

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